Dr. Sanford Bell

Greetings to you my friend!

I started practicing at Courtice Health Centre Dental in 2015. My focus is comprehensive and compassionate care that starts with the patient assessment. I promote preventive dentistry in team-oriented and educational fashion, where each patient and I feel free to express and discuss our mutual needs and concerns. Since treatment plans are objective to the patient’s needs, each one that we create is customized to that individual. This helps us arrive at a plan together. In as much, our relationship (patient and provider) is a two way road. This road allows us to work together -- ultimately bringing about the best results. 

Yours truly
Sanford Bell D.D.S.



Educational background

Doctor of Dental Surgery Program ~ 2003 to 2007
Faculty of Dentistry 
University of Toronto, Toronto, ON

Natural Science and Kinesiology ~ 2000 to 2003
Honors Kinesiology/Health Sciences and Pre-Medical Studies
York University, Toronto, ON


Dr. Paula Gregory Memorial Award ~ 2007
Faculty of Arts Seasonal Academic Achievement ~ 2001 and 2002
York University Continuing Student Scholarship ~ 2001

CIHR Summer Research Program ~ 2005 to 2007

Was involved in a series of experiments to investigate the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) on bone healing. This extensive research included the evaluation of bone regenerative materials in critical sized calvarial bone defects. These investigations have shown the relative merits of HBOT by demonstrating that it enhances critical size defect bone healing.

Professional background

Oshawa Centre Dental Office ~ 2014 to Present

Courtice Health Centre Dental ~ 2015 to Present

Dr. Lucio Mendonca and Associates ~ 2008 to 2015

Mount Sinai Hospital Dental Resident ~ 2007 to 2008